Poll Title: Success Factors and Challenges with Intelligent Automation

Background: There are a number of ways to approach Intelligent Automation and in many cases company culture influences the direction. This poll looks at successes and challenges that companies have had during their implementation journeys.

Poll Question: What has most contributed to the success of projects at your company related to Intelligent Automation?

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  Executive leadership / sponsorship 29%
  Dedicated internal resources 33%
  Central coordination / governance 13%
  The tools and vendors we have selected 4%
  Staff that are open to change, new ideas and improvement 21%
  External partners 0%
  Other (please leave a comment) 0%
  Not Applicable 0%

Poll Question: What has been the biggest challenge at your company related to implementing projects using Intelligent Automation?

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  Lack of executive leadership / sponsorship 13%
  Difficulty in getting trained resources 13%
  Internal resources are not dedicated to IA 25%
  Projects are dispersed across the company; no central coordination 8%
  The tools do not adequately meet our needs 0%
  Staff are concerned about AI and possible impact on job security 4%
  Trying to do it ourselves without external help 8%
  Other (please leave a comment) 29%
  Not Applicable 0%