Poll Title: Use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in GBS / Shared Services

Background: We have invested in some RPA technology and are trying to put structures in place to ensure we get the best value for our investment.

Poll Question: What group is primarily responsible to develop Robotic Process Automation solutions to support your business?

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  Internal IT organisation 6%
  Offshore IT or BPO 3%
  Other business support functions 0%
  A specific RPA development team 59%
  GBS / Shared Service Business staff 24%
  Other (Please Comment) 6%
  Not currently utilizing RPA 3%

Poll Question: Who owns the overall governance of RPA at your company?

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  Global Process Owner 9%
  IT lead 18%
  GBS Director 3%
  Specific Assigned RPA lead role 59%
  Other (Please Comment) 12%
  Not currently utilizing RPA 0%