Poll Title: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Project Pipeline

Background: Many companies have already gone through their RPA proof of concept phase and have started creating bots on their own or using outsourcing companies. At the very beginning of the RPA journey, without deep knowledge, many processes seem to be worth automating, but, with experience, that may change. Looking for good project candidates with significant time savings and quality improvements can often become a challenge. I would like to know how other companies are looking for automation ideas.

Poll Question: How would you describe your Robotic Process Automation pipeline?

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  We have identified a large number of viable automation ideas which can have a significant impact on operations 19%
  We have some impactful automation ideas and a lot of little ones 77%
  We struggle to find really good automation ideas 0%
  Other (Please Comment) 0%
  We are not yet utilizing RPA 5%

Poll Question: Which RPA idea collection approach brings you the largest number of significant automation feasible projects?

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  Collection of ideas directly from process owners performing tasks 56%
  Collection of ideas from leaders/management (Top-down approach) 12%
  Process improvement initiatives (Lean, continuous improvement) 12%
  Its hard to say which approach brings the largest number of good ideas 14%
  Other (Please Comment) 7%
  Not Applicable 0%