Poll Title: RPA/IPA Governance and Controls

Background: As Robotic Process Automation or Intelligent Process Automation scales across activities and functions, ensuring all business risks have been adequately managed becomes more and more important. Auditors are now stepping up to ensure that these risk are reviewed and assessed. This poll is created to understand how different companies that have enabled RPA or IPA are addressing the automation risk through a governance and control program.

Poll Question: Who owns the driving, setting and enforcing of the RPA/IPA governance and standards?

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  Center of Excellence (COE) - single function team 27%
  Center of Excellence (COE) - cross functional team 47%
  IT 3%
  Internal Audit 3%
  Each business/user team 3%
  Other (Please Comment) 7%
  Not currently utilizing this type of technology 10%

Poll Question: How do you show evidence of completeness and accuracy of data processed by RPAs to auditors?

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  Once only through User Acceptance Testing (UAT) 13%
  Once through UAT then through additional change management procedures upon design change 52%
  New completeness & accuracy controls created and regularly tested 13%
  Other (Please Comment) 22%
  Not Applicable 0%