Poll Title: Utilization of a Center of Excellence (COE) Design for Intelligent Automation

Background: With the rush to implement robotics and artificial intelligence solutions, selecting and managing solution providers and implementation partners, and ensuring coordination between process experts and IT, becomes increasingly complex as you move from a small pilot to large scale deployment. Creating an effective Center of Excellence (COE) is critical to setting priorities, managing diverse resources, and developing inhouse experts. This poll looks at the utilization of the COE design by companies and the organizational reporting structure with this design.

Poll Question: Status at your company in utilizing the Center of Excellence design for Intelligent Automation?

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  Implemented - Mature Operation 7%
  Implemented - Emerging Operation 53%
  Approved, not yet implemented 7%
  Currently Evaluating 20%
  Evaluated and Denied 0%
  Not Evaluated – Plan on Doing So 10%
  Not Evaluated – No Plans 3%
  Tried, Implementation not successful 0%

Poll Question: Type of organizational reporting relationship utilized for your company's Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence?

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  Autonomous organization reporting to a C-Suite (CEO, COO, CAO) executive 3%
  Cross-Functional organization reporting to functional executive(s) (Finance, HR, IT, etc.) 22%
  Cross-Functional organization reporting to Shared Services leader 31%
  Single function organization reporting to a functional executive (Finance, HR, IT, etc.) 31%
  Other (Please Comment) 0%
  Not currently utilizing the Center of Excellence design 13%