Poll Title: Level of Intelligent Automation Integration of Shared Services with Other Company Operations

Background: This poll looks at the amount of integration that exists between Shared Services and the rest of the company as it relates to Intelligent Automation strategy and resource utilization.

Poll Question: Current status at your company in having your Intelligent Automation resources and strategy integrated across the entire company?

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  Implemented 11%
  Approved, not fully implemented 37%
  Approved, implementation not started 5%
  Currently Evaluating 42%
  Evaluated and Denied 0%
  Not Evaluated 5%
  Tried, implementation not successful 0%
  Not yet involved in Intelligent Automation 0%

Poll Question: Response that best describes the current level of coordination of Intelligent Automation efforts between Shared Services and other areas in the company?

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  Fully coordinated, with common strategy and resources 0%
  Somewhat coordinated, with similar objectives and some shared resources 55%
  Limited coordination, occasional interaction, more from an awareness standpoint 30%
  None 15%
  Not yet involved in Intelligent Automation 0%