Poll Title: Eliminating Expense Reports for Travel-Related Corporate Card Charges

Background: Some companies are evaluating the possibility of eliminating expense reporting for charges incurred on the corporate card wherever feasible. Understandably, there are several key considerations in this decision, including tax, legal,controls & compliance, etc., This poll is to understand if companies have successfully addressed them and have already deployed this model.

Poll Question: Does your travel policy mandate employees/business travelers to submit a travel expense report for charges incurred directly on the corporate card?

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  Yes, in all cases 89%
  Yes, but there are exceptions 7%
  No, but we are considering it 0%
  No, and we will likely not 4%
  Not Applicable 0%

Poll Question: If your policy does not require expense reports for all direct charges to the corporate card, approximately what percentage of the corporate card spend do you audit?

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  100% 20%
  90% - 99% 0%
  80% - 89% 0%
  70% - 79% 20%
  50% - 69% 0%
  25% - 49% 20%
  10% - 24% 40%
  Less than 10% 0%
  None 0%
  Not Applicable 0%