Poll Title: Managing Shared Services Employee Perceptions of Intelligent Automation

Background: With all the energy and excitement around Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, managing the employee perceptions of this technology can be challenging for Shared Services leaders. This poll looks at current employee perceptions of Intelligent Automation and how leaders are trying to manage this important aspect of their overall technology strategy.

Poll Question: Which response best describes the overall employee perception of Intelligent Automation (IA) at your company's Shared Services operation?

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  Most employees are aware of the technology, but we are not far enough along in the IA journey for it to be a concern 23%
  There is some concern regarding IA implementations, but most employees are supportive of the technology 53%
  There is significant concern among the employee base regarding IA technology and its potential impact on their jobs 10%
  Other (Please Comment) 3%
  Our IA technology journey has not begun yet 10%

Poll Question: Which response best describes how your Shared Services operation is addressing employee concerns regarding the introduction of Intelligent Automation?

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  This has been a key component of our overall strategy for Intelligent Automation and we are pleased with the results so far 30%
  This is something we are aware of, but need to do a better job of communicating upfront with employees about IA 37%
  This has not received the attention it needs to yet, but we are working on it 10%
  Other (Please Comment) 17%
  Our IA technology journey has not begun yet 7%