Poll Title: Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation Frequency and Risk Assessment

Background: This poll looks at what companies are doing regarding the frequency of reconciling low-risk balance sheet accounts, as well as the frequency of reviewing the risk rating for high-risk balance sheet accounts.

Poll Question: What is the standard frequency for reconciling low-risk balance sheet accounts at your company?

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  Monthly 39%
  Bi-Monthly 0%
  Quarterly 32%
  Semi-Annually 11%
  Annually 4%
  Other (Please Comment) 14%

Poll Question: What is the standard frequency at your company to re-assess the risk ranking for high-risk balance sheet accounts?

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  Monthly 21%
  Bi-Monthly 0%
  Quarterly 11%
  Semi-Annually 0%
  Annually 39%
  Bi-Annually or Greater 4%
  No standard frequency 25%