Poll Title: Utilization of Blue Prism as an RPA/AI Provider

Background: With the growing usage of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Peeriosity will be surveying its member companies about their usage of specific solution providers in this area. This is the second of a series of polls regarding some of the top providers in the RPA/AI space, this time focused on Blue Prism.

Poll Question: Status at your company of utilizing Blue Prism as an RPA/AI provider?

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  Currently Utilizing - Fully Operational 19%
  Currently Utilizing - Implementation in Progress 15%
  Approved, Implementation not Started 0%
  Currently Evaluating 19%
  Evaluated and Denied 11%
  Not Evaluated - Plan on Doing So 11%
  Not Evaluated - No Plans 26%