Poll Title: Utilization of a Centralized Document Repository

Background: A document management system or "Document Repository" is a computer system used to track and store electronic documents. Many companies have implemented a central document repository to facilitate global access and on-time update of the documents. This poll looks at the technology utilized for this type of document management and also what is typically stored by Shared Services organizations.

Poll Question: What is the central repository for your process documentation in Shared Services?

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  Company Intranet 6%
  Shared Drive 36%
  SharePoint 39%
  Third-Party Solution 0%
  Other Web-Based Solution 3%
  Other (Please Comment) 15%
  Have not implemented 0%

Poll Question: What are the primary types of documents stored in your central repository?

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  Policies & Procedures, Standards, Guidelines, etc. 6%
  Training Materials 0%
  Audit Materials, Backup, & Support 0%
  Project Documentation, Process Flows, etc. 6%
  All of the Above 88%
  Other (Please Comment) 0%
  Not Applicable 0%