Poll Title: Controls on Timely Submittal of Employee T&E Expense Reports

Background: Company policies vary significantly regarding employee expense claim deadlines related to Travel Expense (T&E). This poll looks at the expense report submittal timeframes utilized by companies and the practice of denying reimbursement if expenses are not submitted within a reasonable timeframe.

Poll Question: Timeframe at your company from the point that an expense is incurred requiring employees to submit T&E expense reports?

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  Within 15 days 36%
  Within 30 days 32%
  Within 45 days 12%
  Within 60 days 12%
  Within 90 days 0%
  Other (Please Comment 8%
  No timeframe on expense report submittal 0%
  Not Applicable 0%

Poll Question: Do your employees risk not being reimbursed for T&E expenses (incurred on T&E card or otherwise) if not claimed within a certain timeframe?

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  Yes - Over 120 days 5%
  Yes - Over 90 days 32%
  Yes - Over 60 days 5%
  Yes - Other timeframe 14%
  No 45%
  Not Applicable 0%