Poll Title: Procurement Card (PCard) Savings Realized and Use of an Amount Threshold

Background: P&G seeks to understand industry approaches with regards to Procurement Cards utilized for incidental spend transactions vs the standard procure to pay process of issuing purchase order and processing invoice. Assessing savings impact of a credit card based purchase program vs. traditional PO handling, as well as what spend thresholds companies have put into play and traditionally are approved for use with the Procurement Card.

Poll Question: Approximate level of savings realized utilizing a PCard vs the traditional Procure-to-Pay process?

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  Less than 10% savings 33%
  10%-20% 11%
  21%-30% 0%
  31%-40% 0%
  41%-50% 0%
  More than 50% 0%
  We don't see any measurable savings; PCard just simplifies the overall process 39%
  We don't currently utilize a PCard 17%

Poll Question: Does your company institute a specific amount threshold limit for PCard incidental purchases?

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  Up to $1,000 USD 10%
  Up to $2,500 USD 20%
  Up to $5,000 USD 15%
  Up to $10,000 USD 10%
  Other (Please Comment) 20%
  No upper limit 10%
  We don't currently utilize a PCard 15%