Poll Title: Invalid/Problematic Invoices Returned to Vendor (RTV)

Background: When a vendor's invoice is submitted for processing and the invoice fails for reasons like an invalid PO number, no PO number, incorrect vendor master details, etc., the approach can vary among companies on how to handle that issue. We would like to learn what other companies do in managing the RTV process. Any comments would also be very helpful.

Poll Question: If your AP organization does Invoice Return to Vendor (RTV), how often is follow up performed if a resubmitted invoice is not received from the vendor?

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  Never follow up once the original RTV is performed 36%
  Only send one reminder within a specified timeline from the original RTV. After the reminder, never follow up again 14%
  Multiple follow-ups until new invoice obtained 9%
  Other (Please Comment) 9%
  We do not perform Invoice Return to Vendor (RTV) 32%

Poll Question: How does your AP organization keep track of those invalid/problematic invoices RTV?

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  Manually track in documentation performed by the AP team (by example, in Excel spreadsheets). 37%
  Track in the OCR tool or ERP system by entering the transaction code so as to recognize a resubmitted invoice 16%
  No tracking takes place 26%
  Varies - combination of #1 and #2 11%
  Other (Please Comment) 11%
  Not Applicable 0%