Poll Title: Issuing Purchasing Cards to Contract Personnel

Background: Some companies with a Purchasing Card (PCard) program provide a card to contract/outsourced personnel if they are in a position that would require ordering and/or authorizing goods and services. This poll looks at the prevalence of this approach and how companies handle the ordering of goods and services by contract employee if PCards are not issued to them.

Poll Question: Status at your company in allowing contract/outsourced personnel to utilize a Purchasing Card?

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  Implemented 17%
  Approved, not yet implemented 0%
  Approved, but implementation not successful 0%
  Currently Evaluating 6%
  Evaluated and Denied 39%
  Not Evaluated 33%
  We do not utilize Purchasing Cards 6%

Poll Question: If your company does not allow contract/outsourced personnel to utilize a Purchasing Card, how do they handle ordering goods and services?

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  Handled by an employee with a Purchasing Card 79%
  Handled as a non-Purchasing Card transaction 7%
  Handled by Accounts Payable on the back end 7%
  Other (Please Comment) 7%
  Not Applicable 0%