Poll Title: New Vendor Additions and Payment Verification

Background: Operating in a Shared Services environment, the Data Integrity Team receives new vendor requests from multiple places within the organization. We are trying to understand whether we should verify the setup information with 100% of the suppliers (even if W-9 attached) or just enter vendors into the system if all pertinent information is attached. Also, if the new vendor wants electronic payment, do you "Penny Test" to verify payment?

Poll Question: Does your company contact each new vendor to verify remittance and other pertinent information?

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  Yes - Always 35%
  Only under certain conditions (Please comment) 27%
  No 38%

Poll Question: Does your company create a "Penny Test" to validate routing information for all new vendors asking for electronic payment?

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  Yes - Required by audit 4%
  Yes - But not required by audit 8%
  No - We do not test before making first payment 88%