Poll Title: Utilization of Winshuttle Applications and Related Satisfaction Level

Background: Winshuttle software products enable business users to work with SAP directly from Excel, SharePoint, Web forms and other interfaces without any programming. This poll looks at the status of implementing Winshuttle and satisfaction levels with the software.

Poll Question: What is the status of utilizing Winshuttle applications within your Shared Services organization?

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  Implemented 48%
  Approved, not yet implemented 0%
  Currently Evaluating 3%
  Evaluated and Denied 3%
  Not Evaluated 45%
  Tried, implementation not successful 0%

Poll Question: What is your company's level of satisfaction with Winshuttle applications?

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  Very Satisfied 27%
  Satisfied 60%
  Neutral 0%
  Not Satisfied 7%
  Too Early to Tell 7%
  Not Applicable 0%