Poll Title: Customer Invoice Dispute Resolution

Background: This poll looks at the invoice dispute resolution practices of our member companies, specifically around who is able to contact the customer directly to resolve the dispute and typical turnaround times for resolution.

Poll Question: Which group within your company is primarily responsible to speak directly with the customer to resolve an invoice which has been disputed?

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  Billing Group 17%
  Credit & Collections 61%
  Customer Service 6%
  Sales and Field Personnel 6%
  Other (Please Comment) 11%

Poll Question: What is your approximate average turnaround time in calendar days for resolving an invoice dispute from the time a dispute is identified until the time the dispute is resolved and the adjustment (if needed) is made?

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  1 day or less 0%
  2-3 days 13%
  4-5 days 13%
  6-9 days 19%
  10-15 days 13%
  More than 15 days 44%