Poll Title: Multiple Invoice Submissions Within e-Mail Attachments

Background: Currently, vendors are allowed to submit invoices via email in PDF attachments. Vendors are not limited to submit one invoice per PDF attachment, which requires us to have a system in place to electronically separate multiple invoices within one PDF attachment. Any comments regarding allowing multiple invoice submissions within one e-mail attachment would really be appreciated.

Poll Question: Which response best describes your company's approach regarding e-mail invoice submissions?

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  Multiple attachments with multiple invoices within each attachment 24%
  Multiple attachments with a single invoice within each attachment 35%
  Single attachment with multiple invoices 12%
  Single attachment with a single invoice 18%
  We do not accept invoices via e-mail 12%

Poll Question: If vendors are not allowed to send more than one invoice per attachment, how do you ensure compliance?

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  Review e-mail attachments to verify 22%
  Do not review and instead wait for the vendor to contact regarding late payment 44%
  Reject the entire invoice submission and send it back to the vendor 11%
  Other (Please Comment) 22%
  Not Applicable 0%