Poll Title: Retroactive (Post Invoice Receipt) Purchase Order Creation

Background: We are seeking to benchmark with other Peeriosity members as to what can be considered a "Normal" rate of purchasing process non-compliance where invoices are issued prior to purchase order documents being raised.

Poll Question: What is your company's approximate annual average rate of retroactive (post invoice receipt) purchase order creation?

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  0% - Retroactive PO creation is not allowed 31%
  1%-10% 46%
  11%-20% 15%
  21%-30% 8%
  31%-50% 0%
  51%-75% 0%
  > 75% 0%

Poll Question: What is the geographic footprint of your Accounts Payable operation?

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  Global 57%
  Multi-Regional 0%
  Regional 7%
  Multi-Country 14%
  Single Country 21%