Poll Title: Assignment of Collection Workload

Background: This poll looks at the different approaches companies take in assigning the collection workload and how satisfied they are with that approach.

Poll Question: How is the collection workload assigned to the collectors at your company?

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  Individuals have specifically defined customers consistent from period to period 65%
  Multiple individuals are responsible as a self-directed team for a pool of customers 6%
  Dynamic workflow assignment where tasks are generated and assigned based on some queueing function daily/weekly/monthly 18%
  Workload assigned by manager on weekly/monthly basis 0%
  Other (Please Comment) 12%

Poll Question: How effective is your company's current approach to assigning the collection workload?

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  Very Effective - No changes planned 44%
  Effective, but would consider changing approach 56%
  Ineffective - Changes needed 0%