Poll Title: Single vs. Multiple Instance ERP System Configuration

Background: Single instance ERPs lend themselves to greater standardization and control, but can often lead to local country or region 3rd party applications cropping up and IT departments supporting interfaces to the ERP. Alternatively, multiple instance ERPs allow for certain deviations, but are more costly to maintain and overall governance and control of the instances can easily result in a situation where efficiencies of a global ERP are diluted. This poll looks at the scope of ERP standardization and the time period for achieving full standardization.

Poll Question: What is the highest level at which your company's ERP system is standardized (running one instance)?

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  Global (if global company) 35%
  Multi-Regional 19%
  Single Region 8%
  Multi-Country 15%
  Single Country 19%
  Little or no standardization 4%
  Not Applicable 0%

Poll Question: Within what period of time would you expect that you will be running one instance of your ERP system company-wide?

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  Already implemented 37%
  1-2 years 4%
  3-5 years 26%
  More than 5 years 19%
  Not our ultimate goal 11%
  Not sure 4%
  Not Applicable 0%