Poll Title: Accounts Payable Payment Terms Aging and Disbursement Practices

Background: The process of aging accounts payable invoices differs from company to company. This poll is to understand when other companies initiate payments versus the due date and how companies age invoices according to terms.

Poll Question: How does your company determine the payment date for invoices processed through Accounts Payable in order to insure invoices are paid to suppliers by the due date?

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  payment date = invoice due date 47%
  payment date = 3 days before the invoice due date 3%
  payment date = 5 days before the invoice due date 6%
  payment date = prior to the due date, but is calculated to insure the payment is received by the supplier on or before the invoice due date 15%
  Other (please comment) 29%

Poll Question: When does your company begin the clock for payments to terms? (e.g. net 30, net 45, etc.,)

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  Terms begin on the invoice date 76%
  Terms begin on the date the invoice is received 9%
  Terms begin on the date goods or services are complete/received 3%
  Other (please comment) 12%