Poll Title: Shared Services Outsourcing Providers - Usage and Satisfaction

Background: Occasionally, Peeriosity surveys its membership to determine the satisfaction levels with key service providers and technologies. This poll looks at the use of specific outsourcing providers and the related level of satisfaction experienced by our member companies.

Poll Question: Which of the following outsourcing providers is utilized on a significant basis by your Shared Services operation?

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  Accenture 13%
  Capgemini 0%
  Cognizant 6%
  Genpact 38%
  Hewlett Packard 0%
  IBM 6%
  TCS 6%
  Wipro 6%
  Xerox 13%
  Other (Please Comment) 13%
  Not Applicable 0%

Poll Question: What is your overall level of satisfaction with the provider selected? (Please add comments)

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  Very Satisfied 6%
  Satisfied 56%
  Indifferent 13%
  Unsatisfied 25%
  Very Unsatisfied 0%
  Too Early to Tell 0%
  Not Applicable 0%