Poll Title: Preferred Electronic Solution for Channeling Vendor Invoices

Background: We use a set of electronic methods to accept and process invoices (EDI, PDF, Elemica, Vinimaya, etc.) from vendors. As the wide range of these channels blocks us from becoming lean and efficient, we would like to select the best method to channel the vendor invoices. I'm looking for best practices regarding what the best solution might be for managing invoices from vendors that meets everybody's requirements and offers cheap and fast invoice processing.

Poll Question: What percentage of your company's total AP invoices are received electronically from vendors based on invoice volume?

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  Less than 20% 21%
  20-39% 14%
  40-59% 14%
  60-80% 32%
  More than 80% 18%

Poll Question: What solution do you see as having the most potential for vendor invoice receipt in the future from a cost and efficiency standpoint?

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  3rd party supplier for managing incoming invoices 0%
  EDI 18%
  PDF or other format as e-mail attachment 21%
  Self billing / ERS 18%
  Vendor catalog-based solution 0%
  Web-based e-invoicing 36%
  Other (Please Comment) 7%
  Not Applicable 0%