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Senior Executive Forum Hosted by Celanese Corporation – February 20 2014

On February 20, 2014, the Celanese Corporation hosted a Peeriosity Senior Executive Forum at their corporate offices in Dallas, Texas with attendance restricted to the senior-most leaders of Shared Services at Peeriosity member companies.   (Note: Membership is required to attend, with three Forums per year provided at no cost to members.  Ascension Health will host the next Forum on May 20th in Indianapolis and the final Forum of 2014 will be held September 18th in Las Vegas, hosted by MGM Resorts.)

Over two dozen executives representing leading Shared (Business) Services organizations attended the forum. Celanese Corporation chose the forum theme, with specific topics selected by, and featuring, attending member company representatives.  Similar to all Peeriosity interactions, vendors and consultants were prohibited from attending or having access to attendee details or discussion content.

Meeting Theme: “Fulfilling the Promise of Multi-Functional Global Business Services”

Topic 1

Celanese Corporation – Overview of their Business Services Model

Topic 2

Examples of GBS Service and Delivery Models by Process :

·         Order-to-Cash

·         Procure-to-Pay

·         Record-to-Report

·         Hire-to-Retire

·         Master Data Management

Topic 3

Building the Capabilities for GBS – Foundations for Success

·         Process Leadership

·         Service Delivery Models / Sourcing

·         Organization Design and Culture

·         Governance

·         Change Management

·         Communication

Topic 4

Overcoming the Challenges of Global Business Services

·         Functional to Process Orientation

·         The Business Case for New Services

·         Operating and Optimizing End-to-End Processes in a Functional World

·         Cross Border Barriers

The format used for the Forum encouraged a highly interactive discussion.  For each agenda topic, members provided case studies of their experience as a catalyst for an interactive discussion among attending Senior Executives.

These led to a lively and passionate exchange on some of the following topics and issues that included member examples of their experiences:

·         Presenting a Global Business Services model vision to functional and operational management.

·         How do you know when a new service is primed for success in GBS? Is there a “decision tree” to determine when a service is ready for GBS? 

·         Global Process Owners and dual role as Regional GBS Center Managers.

·         Regional Centers versus Global Centers – what are the pros and cons?

·         What services are candidates for Global Centers and why?

·         External customer contact from a global center – challenges and what works and what doesn’t.

·         Are incentives required for functional leadership outside of GBS to participate and align their objectives for end-to-end process improvement?

·         What do “global standards” really mean – how much variation can be managed to insure customer service doesn’t become a victim of standardization?

·         Global process standardization and thresholds for country/local exceptions.

·         Collaborating with leaders outside of GBS on closing the “white space” opportunities.

·         Communicating global process results – balanced scorecards and segmenting measures.

·         Governance Models – From corporate mandates to “let’s see how it goes”. How does your governance model influence how you operate?

·         Is there a “best practice” organizational structure and decision rights model for global process owners? Who, what, where – reporting to whom?

·         Assessing readiness for change to or an expanded GBS model, and what to do based on those results.

·         Frameworks to assess organization readiness, prioritization and acceleration of GBS.

·         Communication and cross-functional, cross-business unit workshops to manage change.

·         Identifying and addressing the “pain-points” by sub-process and location

·         What are the critical competencies GBS must have in place to enable added valued growth?

·         Methods to enlighten senior leadership on the possibilities for expanding Shared or Global Business Services.

The conversation continues in the Senior Executive research area within the Peeriosity member website which features a section for the documents associated with in-person Forums, as well as iPolling, Peercasts, and shared documents exclusive for executives.

Who are your peers and how are you collaborating with them?

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