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Peeriosity Shared Services Senior Executive Forum Hosted by Intel

On June 13, 2012, Intel hosted a Peeriosity Senior Executive Forum in Hillsboro, Oregon, with attendance restricted to the senior-most leaders of Shared Services at Peeriosity member companies.

Executives from leading Shared (Business) Services organizations attended and the Forum focused on topics that members selected as the most pressing and ones in which they were most interested in collaborating with their peers. The format was highly interactive with each topic initiated by a member case study on either a success or challenge related to the topic. Similar to all Peeriosity interactions, vendors and consultants were prohibited from attending or having access to attendee details or discussion content.

Meeting Theme: “Leveraging Shared Services for Enterprise Wide Optimization”
Topic 1: Creating a Scalable Shared Services Value Proposition
Topic 2: Overcoming Barriers in Attaining Global Scale
Topic 3: Global Process Standardization
Topic 4: Mining Data For Actionable Insights

For each agenda topic, members provided case studies of their experience as a catalyst for an interactive discussion between attending Senior Executives.

These led to some very lively and passionate discussions including:

Building a framework and evolution paths for value creation including expanding services from transactional scale to expert to business partnership.
Identifying inflection points in service delivery model
Framework for Shared (Business) Services Innovation
Standardize>Embed BPM>Scale>Innovate
Finding your optimal sequencing
Outsourcing and why it may or may not be a good idea to give away 15%-20% forever – methodologies to help with assessment
Change Management – When, where, who and how much. Culture versus formalized programs formula
Risk Management, BPM and SOX. There is value creation to be found in this recipe.
Driving accountability into the Shared (Business) Services culture
Process Ownership models – what works and what doesn’t. Shared Services role and influence
Implications of management by End-to-End Process enterprise wide
Scope, roles, accountabilities and decision rights  in Process Transformation projects
“Big Data” and the implications for Shared Services. Shared Services must deliver on manageable traditional data sets as a foundation for integrating outside data.
Shared Services must develop the ability to transform data into actionable knowledge including predictive and prescriptive analytics

In the session on current challenges, the most frequently mentioned included:

Leveraging the Shared Services business model for greater enterprise value (e.g. BPM, Multi-Functional {GBS} Shared Services, Enterprise Optimization Initiatives, and Advanced Decision Support and Analytical Services)
End-to-End Optimization opportunities (P2P, procurement, being mentioned most often)
Implementation of global process design (Finding the right balance of standardization and local service and flexibility)
Internal understanding of Shared Services value proposition and opportunities
Overcoming resistance to change from internal organization

Recent successes mentioned included:

Global expansion with a common operating model
Transition from multi-functional silo Shared Services to single organization
Creating a distinct high performance culture within Shared Services
Revised Governance Model for added clarity of purpose and renewed executive support
Integrated Financial Planning (including forecasting and budgeting) into Shared Services Company wide (and reduced budgeting cycle timeline by 50%)
Consolidated service centers including migrating higher-skilled work back into US for added-savings

The conversation continues in the Senior Executive research area within the Peeriosity website which features a section for the documents associated with in-person Forums, as well as iPolling, Peercasts, and shared documents exclusive for executives.

The next Senior Executive Forum, hosted by HeidelbergCement, is for scheduled for October 18, 2012 in Dallas, Texas. We hope to see you there!

Who are your peers and how are you collaborating with them?

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